Membership Instructions

Thank you for expressing interest in being a member of CFA. There are two ways to think of membership. The first is decidedly biblical. All of us become a part of the Church when we become a new creation in Christ. Jesus is the Head of it. Through repentance and faith in the redeeming work of the Cross, we become partakers of His Divine nature and members of the Body of Christ as he lives in us. How awesome is that? But there is another lens to see membership through.

Like individual disciples, CFA is also a singular expression of the local church in our community, and a charitable society in the eyes of our governing authorities. We are unified with our fellow churches, but we are also unique. We have a corporate membership of people who volunteer to contribute to the mission and ministry of this Assembly. We have a clear Statement of Beliefs and a mandate from Jesus, preferred expressions of worship and ministry priorities, and, a leadership team and vision we feel is from the Holy Spirit specifically for us. Knowing this stuff about one another is important for us both so we can really commit to one another in our service to Christ.

To be honest, applying for membership used to be like a job interview and people felt like they were “on trial.” We felt God wanted better, so we changed the focus to be a more relational friendship-building process. There is beauty and strength when we are unified in heart and vision, in direction and methodology for Kingdom purposes. Consider the process a two-way interview, not altogether unlike dating. At the end, if we are both happy and still in agreement on most things, we will “get married,” and make our commitment to one another. We think wise decisions occur best with honest and transparent conversations. We anticipate many years of serving Jesus together!

Each membership application consists of:

-Two Application Forms

  -Statement of Beliefs

-Declaration of Incorporation

Fill in the application, noting any specifics you would like to discuss and return it to the Office.

The application goes to the next board meeting (usually the first Tuesday of the month) where the leaders hear your name and an elder volunteers to come visit with you in your home. This is informal and a free exchange of hearts and testimonies. We also want to learn about your ministry gifts and interests. Ask ANY QUESTIONS you want! If we agree to proceed, the elder brings a recommendation to the next leadership meeting and the Board votes. Member candidates are publicized for two weeks and finally a welcome into membership is scheduled for a Sunday service. Then we bless you!

If you have any questions, contact the Office. Once again, God bless you as we serve Jesus and His cause together!

His servant and yours,

Pastor Glenn