Families are the primary spiritual trainers of their children, and it is important for each of us to take ownership of our walk with Christ - and that has never been more true than in times such as these! Our passion as a church is to do our best to provide everyone with resources they can use to help them have intentional faith conversations with one another. Below you will find just such material - whether you have young kids or teens, or are looking for yourself. 

We will be updating this material often, so check back often! 

"Faith@Home - Families Anchored in Christ"

  • Devotionals & Further reflections

    thoughts from our church leadership

    new videos will be posted during the week (click on the photo for link) 

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  • Kids Connection

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  • podcast

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  • rightnow media

    offers a ton of videos covering a wide range of topics for a wide range of ages. They even have specific to children & youth ministry. It's all completely free you just need to fill out this form (if you haven't signed up before) 

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