CoVID-19: A CFA Response

Dear CFA Family, Neighbours and Friends!

Let’s start with some much needed good news: GOD wasn’t caught off guard by the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak! However, we are seeing a wide spectrum of reactions from heroic compassion to apathy and carelessness to panicked fear. Many are wondering what to do.

Our best communication at CFA will be our website and social media portals, though phone and email are great ways to reach us too. With the health and safety of our community as first priority, and a dynamic situation that changes by the hour, we‘ll post our most up-to-date ministry and policy statements here.

Please stay connected, stay current and help others do the same. We’ve also attached links to official information sources to help gather knowledge so God can lead you with wisdom. Thanks to all who are offering information and insight from their informed positions in health care and government. If you see any gaps, errors, or have more current information contact us. 

-Pastor Glenn

Links & Resources

  • Latest HEALTH info on COVID-19 (information on symptoms, prevention, info for travellers and seniors, contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive, restrictions, risk, spread and more) Click HERE
  • Latest info on COVID-19 (link to Government of Alberta website) Click HERE
  • From the Church (A word from Pastor Glenn
  • Video Overview (A word from Pastor Kim)
  • Policy & Ministry Implications (A word from Pastor Steve & Pastor Lance)
  • Community support and encouragement (Join our facebook group HERE.) 
  • Government & Community Resources Links (To help us populate this please email Attn: David ) 
  • Service Times
  • New Office Hours
  • Discipleship Media Resources (RightNow Media (to sign up call the office or click here) , Sermons, Devotionals)
  • Announcements, Developments and Updates (Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel)
  • Informational video on COVID-19 (This is a video recommendation from Pastor Glenn - good to show Kid's and very informative. He has renamed this "So you think we are overreacting?") 

Thoughts from a pastor of an empty church

Who could have imagined how far and how fast life could change? Our generation has never seen anything remotely like it. 

Praise God that Jesus is still the King and that he will never leave or forsake his children.