Thank you for your interest in joining our Media team. We are so excited to be embarking on a new journey of livestream, but we need help in making sure that it is done with excellence and skill.

There are lots of areas that need help so take a moment to browse around and read about it. When you find your fit fill out the form and Pastor Amanda will contact you shortly!


An Audio tech runs the sound board operations in the sanctuary during the Sunday morning services and also for events.

Time: Currently the time commitment is very simple. Once a month Wednesdays 6:00-8:00 and Sunday Mornings from 8:15 am-1:00 pm.

Wednesday is a mid week rehearsal with the worship team where you will help set up all the equipment and help set up the in ear monitors.  Sunday Mornings, are again to help the team set up and rehearse one more time before both services.

Events: When there is an event held at CFA that requires an Audio tech there is opportunity for this position to be paid. The experience needed for these events varies.  Some you only need a mic and to play some music off of the computer at the back. Others are as complicated as a full production with lights included.

Experience is greatly appreciated but training will be provided for whatever level you are looking to gain experience in.


A Visual tech runs the program that displays the words on the screen in the sanctuary and livestream during the Sunday morning services.

Time: Once a month for both services or for one of the two services. If we can get enough people this will be once every other month. This is a part of the ministry where we can be very flexible.

Another plus to this ministry is that it can be done at a very young age. Want to start getting your pre-teen children involved on Sundays? This is a great place to get them started!  As long as they can read and stay focused for the length of one Sunday service, they can be a great fit.

General computer experience is needed. Currently we use the “ProPresenter” program and all of our lyrics, videos and scriptures are run through it.

Training is provided and the amount will determine your computer abilities and your comfort level. (Most only require 1-2 training sessions)


There are four positions needed in order for us to run the livestream.The time commitment can be as often as you want for any of these positions.

First is the Producer. This person is responsible for getting the livestream actually online.

They will make sure that all the parts are working. Is the camera feed coming to the computer? Can we hear the speaker? etc. They will work with and direct the rest of the people that are involved in getting the service to those worshiping from home. They will need to be a great communicator and can handle multiple things happening at once. (Camera tech’s, audio tech’s and lyric tech’s) This person will be sitting at a computer in our sanctuary watching on a screen and live. They will also be responsible for switching between live and recorded videos or different camera angles on the main video.  A very important job. Computer skills and technology knowledge is a major asset.

Second is the Audio Tech, much like the audio tech in the sanctuary this person must have prior knowledge of what it takes to be an audio tech. This person is solely responsible for making sure what is happening in the sanctuary is also happening online. They need to be able to concentrate and mix the worship team through headphones as well as checking the syncing of the video with the audio prior to the service going live. Communication with the producer is vital and an integral part of this job.

Third is a Camera Tech. Currently we are running two cameras. One manned and the other is stationary. It is the Producer’s job to switch between the two views but the manned camera needs to be watching the speaker as they move around on the stage, keeping them in frame. The stationary camera also needs to be moved in between the worship and the sermon.

And finally, the fourth position is the Livestream Host. This person is responsible for greeting people online, answering any questions, praying for people and just sharing information with the online community.