Simply put, a Christian camp has the potential to influence and leave a lasting impression on the lives of children and youth for Christ. Not only has this been true in my own personal relationship with Christ, but I have met many individuals who have shared how Camp has been a turning point in their relationship with the Lord. Camp is about getting disconnected from social media and the busyness and distraction of daily life and getting more connected to God. Camp provides the opportunity for an individual to accept Christ into their heart, or to renew or deepen his or her relationship with Him, through fun, relationship, challenging words from Camp speakers, and prayer and encouragement from those around us. So, why Camp? Jesus loves Camp and Camp has IMPACT.


Discipleship: Our summer camp program began over 25 years ago with a group of people who were passionate about coming alongside children and youth. 

Taking time to build-up and focus on our relationship with Jesus and others: For two weeks each summer, Camp provides the opportunity for those young, old and in-between, to jump into a ‘generational melting pot’ as we play, EAT, learn, grow, work and just ‘do life together.’  

arch: We chose the Greek arch, which means “beginnings,” and the scripture Philippians 1:6 to symbolize how people describe their Camp experience. Camp provides the opportunity to get away from ‘regular’ life for a time of renewal, refreshing, transformation, re-connection and, for some, a time of spiritual awakening.

2018 Highlights

The beautiful Bear Lake Bible Camp facility, beautiful weather, over 100 campers in both Kids Camp and Teen Camp baptisms, and many new commitments to accept Jesus in both Kids and Teen Camp, peace over the Camp, amazing leaders, Mike Brownlee and his team from the west coast, food, archery, swimming, canoeing, the giant swing, night games, kayaking, a lake, Jonathan Heppner, river day, food, bugs, painting, knitting with someone YouTube famous, amazing cooks in the kitchen, Multiplex “get-clean” days, over 80 wonderful volunteers, pastors who support camp, tether ball, paintball, the climbing wall, partnership with Bear Lake Camp, counsellor devotions, bus drivers, photographers, worship teams, games, more great food, beach volleyball, Bible memory, cabins, a great kitchen means happy cooks, late nights and early mornings, BAGPIPES, sports challenges, small group times, prayer, crazy cabin checkers, ACTIVITIES, families, campers who want to know Jesus more, snacks, the camp registrar, camp medical people, COFFEE, campers and volunteers who were willing to stretch and grow, sound guys, counsellors living out discipleship, prayer partners, people who helped with Camp preparations and fundraising through the year, and did I mention the food is always amazing at Camp?

Camp 2021

Thank you to all who give so freely to Camp, whether it be your time, talent, prayer, cooking skills, passion for youth, willingness to serve or your humour… I cannot tell you what a blessing it has been to serve alongside each of you as we continue to fulfill the Great Commission.

Kid's Camp Registration Form (will be available May 2021)

Teen Camp Registration Form (will be available May 2021)

Waiver Form


  • Join us as we impact the lives of kids and youth for Christ in Grande Prairie:
  • Be a Camp prayer warrior, during the preparation for Camp and while we are at Camp.
  • Support our fundraisers. This is how we keep the cost of camper registrations low and accessible for many kids and youth.
  • Help at Camp for a few hours, a day, 6 days, or the entire 12 days. Counsellors and kitchen help are always the areas of greatest need!
  • Come teach our campers a skill or hobby for a few hours during Kids Camp. It could be painting, soap-making, pottery,
    geo-caching, rocket-building, sign language, hip-hop, or anything you are passionate about and think that the campers might enjoy too!
  • Bring suggestions on how we can add to the Camp experience.