Design Team

There are two sides to our design team. You can choose to be in one or both or just for certain times of the year. However you want to help is always a blessing to us! Scroll down for more details and see how to get involved. If you have any questions please contact Pastor Amanda. 

Stage Design

Stage Design is a new ministry here at CFA. We are building a team of people who have different skills and abilities. Some take training and some take a willing heart. 

We are looking for people who want to help design the look of the stage (Designers) to help create a visual representation of what the sermon series might be about, or what season we are in (like Easter or Christmas) etc. Our designers work closely with Pastor Amanda (who works along with the other pastors to come up with the overall themes) .

Next we are looking for set builders. For those people who like to spend time working with wood or other materials. Our designers will delegate special projects with dimensions and ideas to these amazing people. 

And lastly, if you are just looking to help out. We can always use hands to put things together and put them in the spots they need to go. (Putting lights on Christmas trees or hanging garland around the sanctuary, taking down the last set, etc.)  

If you are interested in any of these ministry positions please fill out this form and Pastor Amanda will connect with you as soon as possible. 


The sanctuary isn't the only place we spend time throughout the week. We like to try to bring the theme of what's happening in the sanctuary to the rest of the church. More specifically the hub and the hall ways that lead to it. 

Our designers will work with the Stage designers along with Pastor Amanda to coordinate the theme of each topic or holiday. We will then use the decorations that we have or see if we need to possibly purchase other things to implement into the decor of the church.  

Something different from the Stage Design team is that the Hub is home to many events throughout the year. The decorators will need to work very closely with Kristen, our bookings manager, to make sure that each event looks as good as it runs. (Things like Mother's Day. Father's Day, Ministry Fair etc) . This will range from table placement, centrepieces, to things we might not have even thought about. 

Many hands make light work. With such a large canvas to paint, we need help putting up and changing out decor and different things after each new theme or holiday. Christmas is the biggest one, however with the other events throughout the year we need people helping all year round. 

If any of this sounds like something you would like to be a part of please fill out this form and Pastor Amanda will connect with you shortly.