Legacy Path

We are currently developing and implementing the components of The Legacy Path. To see the complete plan, click here.  Click here to see an overview of Faith@Home.

Nothing has more impact than a life of faith lived fully for God. At CFA, we recognize the crucial importance of living out our faith in all areas of our lives, especially our homes. This is one of our core values and is expressed in many ways in our church. 

One of these expressions is an intergenerational strategy we call Faith@Home. Modelled after the Legacy Milestones strategy developed by Brian Haynes (legacymilestones.com), this initiative is designed to help church and home work together to equip the next generation and fulfill the mandate given by God, in Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and Matthew 28:20, to make disciples.

Research is clear that the home is the most influential aspect of a child’s life and parents are the primary faith trainers of their children.    We are introducing a roadmap, called the Legacy Path, which will help parents train their children in the Faith and assist them in reaching important milestones in their spiritual development. In this way, we can build a legacy of faith into the next generation.

  • milestone 1

    Parent /Child Dedication

    This first step on the Legacy path includes both a class and a dedication ceremony. During the required "First Steps" class you will learn about your role as the primary faith trainer for your child and be given resources to help you write a prayer of dedication and blessing for the ceremony. To view the Milestone 1 brochure, click here.

  • milestone 2

    Salvation and Baptism

    We offer a salvation and baptism class for parents, offering resources to help them teach their children these important concepts. 

    Believers of all ages are encouraged to be baptized in water. This is an opportunity for the church family to bless and celebrate with each participant as they take this important step of obedience. 

    If you would like information about salvation or baptism, or would like to be baptized in water, please contact the church office. 


    Preparing for Adolescence

    Under construction. 

    Please check back for more information.

  • milestone 4

    Purity for Life

    Under construction. 

    Please check back for more information.

  • milestone 5

    Rite of Passage

    Under construction. 

    Please check back for more information.

  • milestone 6

    High School Graduation

    This milestone starts with the "Preparing My Student to Leave Home" class, helping parents prepare their 16-18 year-old students for the world outside of the nest by developing practical and spiritual skills. These important years of discipleship are our last chance to shape the faith of our children before they are on their own. Issues such as basic apologetics, courtship and marriage, determining the will of God, life skills for living away from home, and other biblical issues are explored. Parents are also given resources to help them write a spiritual blessing for their child and this blessing is presented at CFA's graduation celebration event in June. These words of blessing will stay with their child forever!

  • milestone 7

    Life in Christ

    Under construction. 

    Please check back for more information.