Life Groups

Together on a Journey

In Acts, the Bible talks about the beginning of the early church. Interestingly enough it looks radically different from the way we do church today! We discover the church was a group of people gathering in homes and sharing life together. It was God at work through these relationships that the world was changed forever. It is our belief that Life Groups are one of the most transformational experiences in the faith journey. At CFA we are a family of imperfect people who are committed to seeing each other grow closer to the Lord as we grow closer to the Lord as we grow closer in community. 

Doing Life Together

Building A Home Around Our Church & Family

Being a part of a Life Group not only allows you great opportunity to build and grow in your Christian faith, but also furthers the growth and connectivity within the church. If there is a need within your group, your facilitator is in direct contact with ministry staff for support. You are also connected to all of the other Life Groups to support each other in times of need and to join in gatherings and celebrations. Also if there is a need in the church, ministry staff have direct access to the group to inform them of opportunities to serve as a Life Group in the church and in the community. 


The Atmosphere that we promote within Life Group is: 

The presence of Jesus

Nothing else matters if this is not our first focus and desire. 

Love and acceptance

From God and from one another. 

Forgiveness, grace and patience 

In spite of our struggles, we are growing and pressing on at our own pace on our own journey. 

Safety, trust, and confidentiality

Manifestations of love in action. 


Life is not perfect and neither are we, but God is helping us. 

Freedom in Christ

What Jesus wants for us at every level of our lives.

Truth from the Word of God

Gods standards guide everyone.


  • What are life groups? 

    Life Groups are intentionally designed to put people in proximity to allow the Holy Spirit to knit together hearts and lives in close relationships. Each Life Group functions  as a family, each member bringing a unique and special perspective, experience and character to the group. No matter where you find yourself in life, you can be yourself in Life Group. 

  • How Do I join a Life Group?

    Just fill out the Life Group Registration Form below. The coordinator will be happy to connect you with a group. 

    Life Group Registration Form

  • Where do life Groups meet? 

    In each Life Group, one person/couple opens their home to host. This can be the same house or it can rotate, whichever works best for the group. Some groups meet at other locations such as the church, parks etc... as each group chooses. The group also decides on the frequency of gathering, the day and time.

  • What if i would like to FACILITATE a Life Group/ 

    That's fantastic! Being a facilitator is really being the point of communication between the group and the coordinator. The facilitator  also assists conversation within the group such as asking prompting questions they feel are important to ask or from questions provided with some of the materials available to keep conversation moving and focused. There is continued support for facilitators  such as referral resources from church ministries and ministry staff for any complex issues that may arise. 

  • What if i do not click with my group? 

    Life Groups have the power to transform people, but only if they are truly willing to connect. Many unsuspecting people have grown into fruitful relationships through their commitment to their group. We strive for everyone to get the most from their experience. Because we understand that not everyone meshes, we are here to help put the pieces of the people-puzzle together so that it works for you.