Worship Team

Our goal is to make known the fact that worship is so much more than music or singing. That when someone says "worship team" that they don't immediately think of the group of people that lead the songs, but a community of people who live out their worship through many different avenues. Worship is personal, and creative. Let's pour out those gifts back at the feet of Jesus! 

Below we have listed a few of these ways. We are always looking to grow this list and are open to new avenues of worship being implemented. So if you don't see something listed here that doesn't mean it cannot happen here at CFA just connect with Pastor Amanda and start the conversation. 

Take a look at the ministries listed below and see where you fit in, then fill out this form

The Right fit

We have tried to answer any questions you may have below for each part of these teams but if you have any further questions please contact Pastor Amanda. 

  • Sunday music teams

    Covid-19 has changed the way that we used to run so we went from 4 set teams to 8 set teams. "Set team" means the same people play with each other each time. Teams do shift as new members come into the mix but for the most part we keep everyone together as best we can. There are a few reasons for this. The more you play together, the less time is required to rehearse as you begin to learn each other and how you each play or sing. 

    Time: The schedule used to be that you would be on once a month or twice depending if you play multiple instruments or on multiple teams. Now we don't have anyone doing double duty so it's once every other month. There is a mid week rehearsal which used to be on Wednesdays and is now on Mondays. (6:30-8:00pm)  When there was live worship we would also meet on Sunday Mornings at 7:30 am as well to rehearse before the services, but that doesn't need to happen currently. 

    The reason for the switch on dates is that currently we are not doing live worship in our Sunday services. We play a video of us when we worship together on Monday night and we need the week to edit both the video and eq the audio. We are moving towards live-streaming so we will be trying to move to live worship again soon. 

  • Painting

    Painting is incredibly personal and the expression is one of the most beautiful ways to worship.  

    There are many ways that this can be implemented into the Sunday morning service or the culture of CFA but what we have used it so far is having someone join the music team and stand on stage while the songs play the canvas is painted. 

  • Choir

    Our Choir meets Monday nights at CFA in the Hub physically distanced and all wear masks. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience is needed. This is a place for anyone who loves to express their worship through song. We are working hard at keeping the choir going during these Covid-19 rules and we have been using our choir in our worship services in a unique way. Recording each vocalist separately but getting the full sound of everyone together. Praise the Lord for technology! 

    If you are interested you can contact the church office and get more information or connect with Pastor Amanda or our Choir director Leslie Stauffer

  • Dancing/Flagging

    The movement of beautiful colours as an expression of worship is so beautiful and a welcome addition to any worship service. 

    During the current pandemic the dance team has taken a break but we are excited at getting back at it soon. 

  • Encounter: Youth Worship Discipleship program

    A place for youth to learn what it is to be a worshiper and how to be a part of a music team. This isn't just for those who want to learn instruments or to sing but for learning about what worship truly is and what our role in it. 

    If you or your child is interested please fill out this form specifically for Encounter.