Pastor Abraham (Gospel for India) ministers in Kerala, India. We have supported this ministry since Pastor Mervin Westad began to visit them in 2005. In 2011, CFA was able to help with the purchase of additional land near Raygada, Orissa, where they will build another children’s orphanage. We also fundraised for bicycles for local pastors and sewing machines for poor women, enabling them to provide a living for themselves and their children. The things you are doing are bringing Christ to India! In January, 2012, Dennis Stauffer was able to attend the Pastors Convention in India and bring greetings, on behalf of CFA, to Pastor Abraham and others ministering in India. January 22 to February 7, 2015, Pastor David Nesbitt, Brian Fuller, and Pierre Fillion travelled to Kerala where they visited the orphanage and participated in the 2015 Crusades held at the Bible School.

    Currently, CFA is providing financial support to 20 Bible School students that are attending Reach Out Theological Seminary, along with 20 orphans residing in the New Hope Children's Home, at the cost of approximately $1,800 a month.

    If you are interested in partnering with us, by sponsoring a child or a student, please contact the church office.


    Magoro Project is a project established to honor the life of Samuel Okiring and his work towards human rights in Uganda. CFA has begun a relationship with Ruth Amuge, Samuel & Jennifer’s mother, in Magoro, Uganda, as she strives to model Christlike servanthood to her community. Mama Ruth currently cares for 8 orphaned children.

  • samm

    Dwight and Lynn Lagore went to Mozambique, Africa in June l987 and they have been supported by CFA since then. Their ministry includes a health clinic, medical van, child sponsorship program and a Bible School and Training Centre. Their hope is that people would come to know a loving God who empowers them to love others and make a difference in our hurting world.

    David and Gerda Sherwin, from CFA, went to Mozambique on February 28. Currently, they are fundraising in order to help build a much needed house for an orphaned family under the care of their grandmother. The Sherwin's will be assisting the Lagore's in the building of this house. Click here for an update on the Sherwin's trip to Mozambique

    For more information about SAMM Ministries click here to check out their website.


    Teen Challenge Alberta is a ministry that CFA began supporting in December, 2011. Former CFA’ers, Greg and Loa Cornelson, are touching many lives as they minister God’s hope and redeeming love to those seeking freedom from addictions. They are currently expanding their Calgary centre and opening new centres in Newfoundland and Western Canada.


    Canada North Ministries – Meadow Lake, SK

    MarkRamshaw (La Loche, SK) – Selvon Raphael (Denare Beach)

    John & Sharon Kennedy (La Loche) – K.P. Samuel (Pinehouse Lake).  

    Mission Statement: “To promote, strengthen, and/or establish Gospel Ministries/Worship Centers in spiritually-receptive Canadian communities north of the 54th parallel..” This mission conducts outreach ministries to northern communities (largely in Saskatchewan). As a result of an amazing revival in 2005, a ministry center is in the process of being established in La Loche, Saskatchewan. 

    The philosophy of Canada North is very simple. We recognize a desire and a need for biblical faith and fellowship in many of our northern communities. This mission will encourage the work of God wherever a positive reception to the “move of God” is taking place.

  • Arise

    ARISE is a mission outreach of CFA in the village of Tilling, Uganda. Since the birth of the mission in 2008, ARISE has been building long-term relationships with individuals, the community, and local churches. Currently, ARISE is partnering with GROW, a local organization, to provide financial support for the day-to-day operations of a preschool and for 3 young women to receive vocational training. We're also partnering with Gawa Church, a village church, helping them to construct new latrines. ARISE's main focus is training people on improved farming practices and providing small inputs, such as seeds and hand tools. We're working with vulnerable families to set up small livestock projects. ARISE is also working with some GAWA Church youth to train them in vegetable growing and launching small livestock projects. 

    You are invited to click here to discover more about ARISE.