Bolivia Mission

The Bolivia mission continues to grow, building the relationship between CFA and MSC, the church in Cochabamba. It is exciting to see how the church there is responding to the encouragement and help from the people here, and how the people here are excited to get to know those from the church there.


In July 2018 we brought a team of six from the church in Bolivia to Grande Prairie to meet the church here, see what we do and how, and to visit different ministries in town. These included the Pastor of the church, the music director, a youth worker and those in charge of the ministry to Sexually Abused Children and Addictions to Pornography.  We held a number of meetings with the leaders of different ministries here, and visited different organizations in town that work with the abused. We also spent time with members of the congregation getting to know them and fellowshipping with them. 


In the words of one of the team who came, “It is amazing the effect that your encouragement has on us. We feel so empowered because you believe in what we are doing, and are helping us to use the gifts God has given us. For so long Bolivia has been looked down on that we feel that we are not worth anything. Because of your involvement we are beginning to rise up into what God has called us to do.” The team returned to Bolivia with renewed excitement and energy.     


Please pray for the Bolivian church. Besides the economic state of the people, the country is going through a lot of turmoil politically and socially, and needs the love of Jesus more than ever. We want to help equip the people there to spread His love to their friends, neighbours and fellow countrymen. With elections coming up this year, there is a lot of uncertainty as to what the future will bring. 

We are planning to take a team of eight members to Bolivia in July of 2019 to visit the church and encourage them. Pray that there would be peace in the country for the trip, and that God would show us exactly what He would have us do and provide the funds to do it.