Month of Prayer

Join us as we spend the month of February praying as a congregation through these weekly and daily prayer targets. 

God has created us to enjoy communion with Him, and He with us. The story woven throughout the Scriptures is that this communion was frustrated by sin entering the world through Adam and Eve’s rebellion and disobedience. We have lived in brokenness, cut off from the One we were created to be close to but God has been in the process of reconciling the world to Himself and making all things new. This has been done through Jesus Christ, the Son of God. As we start the month of prayer, allow the overarching story of Scripture to stir up your love for God and lead you into a heart of worship and reflection. Use these short Scripture readings and reflections as a way to direct your focus for prayer each day. (Click the corresponding photo for a download of the weekly prayer targets)

In reconciling us with Himself, God also desires to reconcile us to each other. If we are indeed created in the image of God, we are created to be in relationship – relationship with God and relationship with each other. This is where the Church comes into the picture. God saves us from our sin and our rebellion against Him and places us within a community of people who are on the same journey. He does this so that we can help each other grow, understand, and put into practice the words of Jesus. We have been created for community and the community God created for us right now is through the gathering of His followers, the Church.  (Click the corresponding photo for a download of the daily prayer targets) 

The Good News that we proclaim is that God has taken care of everything in the salvation process. But why? 2 Peter 3:9 tells us that God desires that no one to be apart from Him. Throughout the Bible, we can see time and again how God chooses to use imperfect people like us to reach out to the people around us. Who are the people that you interact with throughout your week? God has placed you there so He can show His perfect and unconditional love to them! (Click the corresponding photo for a download of the daily prayer targets)

Every river has headwaters, and for our prayer journey it is the nature of God Himself…pure love and pure relationship are his very essence. Week one was about Love established—the story of how God created humanity to be like him, what wrecked it, and how Jesus fixed it. It’s about Communion with Him. Week Two sees the inevitable expression of love’s connecting power, establishes a new connection. Love’s currents swell into Community —with all its challenges and blessings—the place we learn to love like our Creator.. Week Three explores the power of God’s love as His coming leads to our going, to invitation. We become light, respecting God given freedom, loving patiently, becoming peace-bringers. Incarnation is God’s love flowing to and then through us into the Neighborhood.

God’s love. First to us personally as communion. Next, among us as Community. Then through us as illustration and incarnation. But ultimately, where is does the current of Love’s river carry us? Welcome to Week Four as we meditate on the ultimate and unstoppable plans of God to fully restore His Love blueprint on his creation forever!

(Click the corresponding photo for a download of the daily prayer targets)