Wonder about faith? 

Join a series of group conversations that freely explore the Christian faith in an open, friendly environment. 


Mondays 6 pm – 8:30 pm 
March 4 – May 13, 2024


What is Alpha? 

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that explore the basics of the Christian faith. 

Who’s it for? 

Alpha is for anyone! Though it’s especially for anyone who’s curious to explore the big questions of life, faith, and meaning. The talks are designed to encourage conversation and explore the Christian faith in a friendly, open, and informal environment. You can say anything you like or nothing at all. 

How does it work? 

It runs over 11 weeks and every night has 3 things in common: we eat supper together, watch a short video, and have a discussion time where you can share your thoughts in a small group. Some weekly topics include “Is there more to life than this?” , “How can I have faith?”, and “Why and how do I pray?” 

Join an Alpha group today!

Deadline for Registration: Thursday February 29, 2024