Encounter is a discipleship program that focuses on worship. Youth, grades 7-12 who are curious about worship are invited to join us bi-weekly on Tuesday nights from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm (October – May).





We will look both in the musical aspect of worship and how it is practiced in a church setting, but also what it means to you personally, and how it can be practiced in your every day life.

 Worship is much more than a genre of music, or a portion of a service. Encounter: Worship Discipleship is a program that aims to help tear down the cultural assumptions and get back to what God created it to be.


There will be training on what it is to be on a worship team. The group will be given the opportunity to lead on mixture of Friday Nights and Sunday Mornings. 


Playing on the teams is not a requirement but an opportunity. If you do not feel comfortable or are not sure if you can do that part, please do not let that stop you from joining us.

We started Encounter in 2019, and are still going strong.  


This is a space for everyone who is wanting to grow in their knowledge and understanding of worship. We do so much more than just focus on music. 


Besides instruments and singing, we use creative ways to worship, learning that the production side of services is just as much of an opportunity to lead worship. There are opportunities to express worship with writing, paint, and much more. 

What our students are saying

Encounter is a safe place where we can openly share. We look at worship in a deeper and more personal way. As a team, and as individuals, we express our prior knowledge and viewpoints on worship while learning other perspectives. We work on pieced these ideas together to better understand the significance and importance of worship.

– Chloe King, Encounter Graduate

Encounter is a place to learn why we worship, and how we should worship, based on the bible. compared to how we actually are worshiping. We learn what it means to be a leader in worship. Encounter is a place where we can openly share our opinions and ask questions about worship and other related topics, without judgement.

– James Pope, Encounter Graduate

Encounter is learning to understand worship in all aspects, not just singing. 

– Liam Sweeney, Encounter Graduate

It’s a learning place but also a heart place. We learn about the physical side of worship but also the emotional, spiritual side. It’s a safe spot to share and learn.

– Hana Plett, Encounter Graduate

I’d have to say it’s a time to really look at what it is to worship, and what it means to be on a team that leads the church in worship. Looking at things like, what are we really doing when we go up on a stage to play on a Sunday morning, and what are we trying to facilitate to the congregation. 

Also, painting and stuff. 

– Kevin Terceros, Encounter Graduate