Thanks for checking out the production ministry here at CFA.

We firmly believe that the people who make up the production team each week are just as vital to the worship experience as the people on the stage.

Without the production team, Sunday services would look very different. Our production team oversees, Audio, Livestream, Editing, Media, Camera, Lights and Photography. Please take the time to go over each potential job description and see what might be your best fit. 


Once you are ready you can fill out the application form by clicking on the button below. If you are still unsure, send an email to and Pastor Amanda can help find the right fit.

The following positions are for Sunday Mornings. They will require you to also attend a mid week rehearsal. Our rehearsals are on Wednesdays from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm. This is to help cut down the amount of work on Sunday Mornings, but also prepare you for all the moving parts of the service. 


Our Audio team looks after the sound for the entire Sunday Morning Worship Service. They are responsible for the mix of the worship team, their monitors, the pastors mic and any other person who may be presenting on stage. A finely tuned ear and quick thinking is needed when doing sound. Training is provided and lots of oversight. 


When you are learning, you will be considered a “Runner” this person helps with set up and take down of the stage and learning the ins and outs of the audio board. The Audio team makes sure that the service can be heard clearly and comfortably. 


Things that they are also responsible for are the sound in the foyer, the livestream, the FM station (This allows people to listen in our parking lot, and in other rooms in our church building), and the hearing impaired head sets. There is always lots to learn and this position is always growing in capacity. If you like a challenge this may be the spot for you. 


Our lighting team is fairly new to the overall production ministry. We have been known to set it and leave it, and then rely on the Audio team to turn lights on and off as needed. 


We would like to make this more of a priority this coming year. If you have an eye for detail we would love to chat with you. 

You will also be responsible for making sure that the lighting looks good in person and on camera. This will take some tweaking and finding the right spots for those on stage to stand, as well as adjusting the lighting. 


Training is provided and there will be a Service Director that is available each Sunday for assistance if something happens. 


After the service is over, we need to edit the recording. This person is responsible for editing the service, adding in names and transitions. Then they will upload the sermon to our website, YouTube and our podcast.


There is also a potential for creating shorts and reels for our social media platforms. 


Training is provided. If you are interested in this position a keen eye for detail, as well as knowledge of computers, editing software are needed.


This position can also be added to any of our other positions if you are looking to do something a little more, or can be it’s own ministry.


Our livestream team makes sure that the Sunday Morning Worship Service is running smoothly, recording and sending to the proper channels.


Currently we stream to YouTube and Church Online for those who are in our online congregation. We also stream to places inside the church as well for those who need a quieter place to participate. Our foyer has 2 TV’s and our Hub has a projection screen to view the service as well.


You will also be responsible for greeting our online congregation and answering any questions that may come up in the chat. 

Computer knowledge and the ability to troubleshoot is a major asset when joining this team. We have worked hard over the last couple years to work out any problems that have come up. A typical Sunday doesn’t have many, if any issues. 


Training is provided and there will be a Service Director that is available each Sunday for assistance if something happens. 

Our Media techs are responsible for the lyrics during worship, scriptures during the sermons, and any other visuals that need to be presented during service. 


Computer knowledge, attention to detail and the ability to stay attentive throughout the service is needed for this position. Training is provided. 

Service Directors have knowledge of all of the production ministry positions. They are there to help everything happen smoothly and can help trouble shoot if something doesn’t go according to plan.


The ability to think and act quickly, along with computer knowledge will be an asset in this position. Training is also provided. 

Our Camera techs are responsible for making sure that those who are on stage are seen and stay in frame. Giving those in our online congregation the best seat in the house.


Attention to detail and the ability to stay attentive throughout the service is needed. Training is provided. 

Another new edition to the production ministry is the photography position. Those who are gifted with a camera are invited to help us capture what it is like to be at CFA on a Sunday. 

This position is different that the rest of the production ministry and can be done on Sundays and for CFA Fellowship Events.  There is no need to come to rehearsal (unless you want to!) 

Those who are a part of the photography team will also be able upload photos from their own home.