Registration is NOW OPEN!

July 19-22, 2024
Bear Lake Bible Camp

Volunteers Needed!

As we gear up for camp we are looking for volunteers to help in the following areas:

  • Director
  • Registrar
  • Head Cook
  • Assistant Cook
  • Assistant Cook
  • Nurse/First Aid
  • Worship & Production Team
  • Cabin Checker
  • Games Leader 
  • Night Games Leader
  • Photography/Videography
  • Making Closing PowerPoint/Video
  • Activity Leaders for Archery, Canoeing/Kayaking, Crafts, Drama
  • Janitorial (Different times available)
  • Senior Counsellors (Male & Female) Looking for 5 each
  • Junior Counsellors (Male & Female) Looking for 5 each

Unable to attend camp, but want to help? 

We are looking for the following:

  • RV for Teen Camp Speaker
  • RV for workers
  • Trailer for Move out to camp
  • Trailer for Move back to church 
  • Cookies/squares (LOTS, and LOTS)

Camp just wouldn’t be the same without camp food

Multiple shifts on multiple days are available.


We chose the Greek, apxn, which means “beginning” and the scripture Philippians 1:6 to symbolize how people describe their Camp experience. Camp provides the opportunity to get away from ‘regular’ life for a time of renewal, refreshing, transformation, reconnection and, for some, a time of spiritual awakening.

Why Camp?

Why has CFA run a child and youth summer camp program for over 30 years? Simply put, a Christian camp has the potential to influence and leave a lasting impression on the lives of children and youth for Christ. Not only has this been true in my own personal relationship with Christ, but I have met many individuals who have shared how Camp has been a turning point in their relationship with the Lord. Camp is about getting disconnected from social media and the busyness and distraction of daily life and getting more connected to God. Camp provides the opportunity for an individual to accept Christ into their heart, or to renew or deepen his or her relationship with Him, through fun, relationship, challenging words from Camp speakers, and prayer and encouragement from those around us. So: Why Camp? Jesus loves Camp and Camp has IMPACT.

Our Camp

Discipleship: Our summer camp program began over 30 years ago with a group of people who were passionate about coming alongside children and youth. Taking time to build-up and focus on our relationship with Jesus and others: For two weeks each summer, Camp provides the opportunity for those young, old and in-be-tween, to jump into a ‘generational melting pot’ as we play, EAT, learn, grow, work and just ‘do life together.